Child Safety Promise and Policy

Creek Childcare wants to ensure that all children have a safe and positive experience that promotes their growth as a learner. To this end, the Director and supervisor will observe staff interactions with children ensuring that they align with our program statement and beliefs in adult-child interactions. 

The following practices are not supported by our facility:
  1. Corporal punishment of the child;
  2.  physical restraint of the child, such as confining the child to a high chair, car seat, stroller or other device for the purposes of discipline or in lieu of supervision, unless   the physical restraint is for the purpose of preventing a child from hurting himself, herself or someone else, and is used only as a last resort and only until the risk of   injury is no longer imminent;
  3.  locking the exits of the child care centre or home child care premises for the purpose of confining the child, or confining the child in an area or room without adult   supervision, unless such confinement occurs during an emergency and is required as part of the licensee’s emergency management policies and procedures;
  4.  use of harsh or degrading measures or threats or use of derogatory language directed at or used in the presence of a child that would humiliate, shame or frighten the   child or undermine his or her self-respect, dignity or self-worth;
  5.  depriving the child of basic needs including food, drink, shelter, sleep, toilet use, clothing or bedding; or
  6.  Inflicting any bodily harm on children including making children eat or drink against their will.
​​​​​​​In the event that the Director or Supervisor observes or is made aware of any practice that is not supported, they will address the issue with the staff member according to the strategies outlined in the Disciplinary Policy that is outlined in the Handbook.

 Additionally, all Early Childhood Educators have made a commitment to abide by the standards of their profession as set out in the College of Early Childhood Educators Code of Ethics and Standards of practice. All Early Childhood Educators hold themselves accountable, and will use the Code of Ethics, the Standards of practice and the CCEYA to guide their decisions and practice. We keep records pertaining to the implementation of, and staff adherence to, our Program Statement, for 3 years.

References and information in this living document are extracted from: “How Does Learning Happen?” Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years; and Ministry of Education’s Extended Day Program

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