At Creek Childcare Inc., we follow the “How does learning happen” pedagogy where children can learn through play and engage in many hands-on activities. Our core program mirrors the Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) guide while merging with the well-known Emergent curriculum (child led). We believe that the outdoor atmosphere and natural play materials are the best for young minds. By using natural colours, tools and materials, children can learn imagination and discovery.

We believe our teachers are responsible for the well-being, safety, and learning of every child in our centre. Our teachers provide instruction, not only through mentorship and role modeling, but through small group activities and hands-on activities.

At Creek Childcare inc., our teachers are people from the community who have completed the qualifications for Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE) and have obtained their First Aid and Police check clearance. We support our educators through professional development workshops, to obtain the best educational sources to teach their students.

We believe that communication with parents is a key component in caring for one’s child. At Creek Childcare Inc., we provide a record of each child’s progress through one-to-one observations. Parents receive daily and weekly reports to understand how their child spends their day and their general progress through an app on their mobile devices.

We believe that every child has equal value in our program. We actively work to be a fully inclusive centre with diverse abilities and disabilities, as well as those from all socio-economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

At Creek Childcare Inc., we believe that children should be treated with respect and dignity, to feel safe and secure, to have opportunities for learning through play, decision-making, and social interaction with their peers. As educators, we support and encourage the development of creative and social skills through opportunities of sensory play through a wide variety of materials, activities, and programming.

Creek Childcare Centre’s are government licensed day care facility’s which first opened their doors in 2022. We are an incorporated not for profit centre, governed by a Board of Directors.

We provide high quality child care in a non-denomination environment.

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